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cthulus pet birdskully_web.jpg4×5_oil_study_03sm.jpggogglebird_web.jpgtentaclub_4×6_web.jpgelmo.jpgn_monstah_01c_small.jpgbeer_bottles.jpgrubber_ducky.jpgself_portrait.jpgshell_temp_web.jpgPepsi can


2 thoughts on “Paintings

  1. Impressed, inspired and fascinated.
    your drawings and your paintings are downright awsome.
    sitting at work here while I check out your work, I notice that I end up idle at my workstation. I dont need to say much about your creativity … except that its simply fucking hardcore.
    I belive thats all, cheers

  2. Hi Trollboy Mark.
    Just wanted to say I stumbled onto your site via the Jacek Yerka clock animal (brilliant) and was pleasantly surprised by your work as well. Beautifully painted – love the loose brush strokes and ability to convey form and dimension. Proof that in this ever increasing digital world, drawing is not dead.
    Keep on creating.

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