Monstahs Year 1

Monstah Mondays weeks 1 to 52.
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6 thoughts on “Monstahs Year 1

  1. well, I have to say there is a lot of imagination here. I myself have tried to draw odd things like these and I can’t… I am going to you yoru other galleries!

  2. You may now be the best monster artist i have ever seen. You need more exposer. Your drawings are phenomenal. Best of luck.

  3. Why ‘Monstah’ instead of monster?
    I feel you are trying to say something by this choice, but I can’t quite work out what.

    Could it be to do with conformity? (i.e. you’ve seen other people deliberately mis-spell and like what it conveys and want to be associated with the same sort of thing).

    Could it be a truly original idea? If so, it would be really interesting to know what the idea is.

    It’s interesting that the quirk of spelling has drawn attention away from the rest of the site. I wonder, was that what you wanted to do? If so, I wonder why? A sort of coyness, or slight embarrassment? Or a sort of ‘look at me, I’m different’ intent?

    My guesses are probably all wrong, but it would be really interesting to hear what underlies your, presumably deliberate, choice of the wrong spelling.

  4. These are fantastic! Is this for a project? Or you just love drawing monsters, because who doesn’t right? I’d love to see where this is going.

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