The process of creating is what i find the most fun. The smell of oil paint, the texture, the act of mixing and applying colour to the surface. running out of paint and reloading the brush. The feel of the pencil scratching back and forth on paper. Smoothing clay with my fingers and detailing with various tools like dental picks, searching for different tools or making my own. Getting a colour or shape just right. Getting my hands dirty.

I use this blog primarily to post my art, sketches and so forth, until i get around to updating my websites. (I’d rather paint than code html, but i will get to them in time)

The links on the sidebar are sites i go to now and then when i need an inspiration boost to get creating.

All artwork is copyright © Mark Stosiak


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Trollboy, it was a pleasure to go through your blog and now I am really curious about who you are and what you do for a living. My name is Girish. I live in New Delhi, India. I have been drawing all my life. I studied graphic design, and worked with a few design companies, until I figured that I just wanted to draw and nothing else. I work out of my home now, draw for a living and take on the odd design job as a freelancer. Its just fascinating to see someone who puts up their life online through their work. I have yet to make that a practice, but for sure, it is truly inspiring when you see someone doing that. James Jean is another artist whose work I really enjoy following, and also ghostco (dont remember his name).


  2. Hi. I’m Destiny. I’m a 16 year old IB art student. What I’m doing is trying out different styles of art.. And I want to start experimenting with acrylic for some of my work. I was looking through your sketches and I have a VERY similar drawing style to yours. I use more shading though. What comes out our brains seems to be very similar and I love love love what you’ve created. Then I went and looked at your acrylics and they are amazing. Your work really inspires me. The realism of the fictional characters is crazy and is what I’d like to achieve. I’m sure you don’t have time but I would LOVE to get some advice from you about using acrylics or drawing monsters.. or anything.. anything that would help me. I’d really like to study your work this year and see how much of an improvement I make.

    • Well… I’m not big on tutorials or explaining stuff. There are a lot of them on the web already by more accomplished artists than myself. I will say this: Practice a lot, observe real life, observe people, observe other art. Practice some more. Take all compliments with a grain of salt and be your own worst critic – because there is always room to improve and do things better – ALWAYS. See, i wrote always in caps because it’s important.

  3. haha, realized i posted my last comment in the wrong place after noticeing this.
    so if you didnt get it, you’re really amazing and i’d really like and insight into you’re mind, creative process kind of thing.

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