It’s Been Fun, But…

I think Monstah Mondays has run its course. I was gonna stop at 300, then thought maybe i’d just finish the year. 314 pretty much makes 6 full years, and Now’s a good a time as any, so that’s it. There’s still may be monstahs from time to time (ill probably still draw them) but the regular posts are over for now (When I do post monstahs I’ll still do it on Mondays(probably), deal? deal). I want to explore different things, start painting again, maybe start working on that comic, etc. So, here’s the last regular monstah monday. Thanks to everyone whose been following along!

Monstah Monday 314:


Also, there are two movies this one makes me think of. Can anyone guess which ones?


5 thoughts on “It’s Been Fun, But…

  1. Awww nomore monstahs well ur very great with the drawings I wish u can teach me but ur like 1000miles away 😛
    One thing I’ll tell u. U have inspired me to draw monsters and creatures 😀

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