Daily Drawings Episode 1

So six years ago I started drawing monstahs. It started as a way to make sure that i would always draw at least once a week. It’s been a success in that regard, but they seems to have taken over the joint! I need to start drawing other stuff again too. So, daily drawing. Every day i’m gonna take a bit of time to sit down and draw something from life, and perhaps the occasional photo. Small drawings, about 4×5. In fact I’ve already started.

Monday night I cut a pad of into quarters, giving me 80 sheets 4.5×6″ (ish) 100lb smooooooth Bristol.   And on Tuesday, during lunch, I drew. Some of these will be quick, some long, some ink or pencil or mountain dew (Ok I won’t do the Dew) I only turn on my computer at home a couple of times a week so I may post them in batches for now. The important thing is that I do them.

So long story long, here’s the first 4


2 thoughts on “Daily Drawings Episode 1

  1. It’s all about the simple things. Good to see you getting the practice in – I’ve been trying to do similar things myself. Waiting in lines, riding on trains, sitting at cafes: all excellent opportunities for life drawing.

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