Monstah Monday 189

Have we seen the last of the Vuvuzelas?


8 thoughts on “Monstah Monday 189

  1. i love your drawings theyre great i even went to and wanted to know if i can hav 3 of ur drawings so i can put them up as a screensaver if u say yes i would like the one that looks like a tongue and the one that has half a body and the ather halk is with thorns and the one that has a dog as a hand in the colored gallery at stosiak .com and u can ask me questions if not and u say no than thats ok i just wanted 2 kno um… but ill still look here every monday to see wat new monsters u hav so please send me and email

      • yeah but i cant copy and paste them i dnt kno how can u email them to me at * or just tell me how i can get them oh and thanks

      • OK I removed your email from your last comment so you don’t get spammed…
        Give me the urls for the ones you want and I’ll get the images for you.

  2. im sorry for bothering u so much with comments but just wanted to tell u i also wanted 2 more pics from this site
    monstah monday 52
    monstah monday 130

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