Milk is Awesome

Especially straight from the carton…

Monstah Monday 186

From the pages of my moleskine

So a few months ago I bought a house. I’ve been renovating it ever since and this Saturday I move in.  One thing I can say for sure about renovations is that everything takes way longer in real life than it does on TV, especially when your doing it all yourself, for the first time…

There’s still no kitchen, not even drywall, and I’ve developed what I think must be carpal tunnel syndrome. My right hand that pins and needles feeling, but constantly. Well almost constantly, it goes completely numb sometimes. And it actually hurts when I draw…

Anyway this is all to say that I have this monstah and next weeks ready. I may not have internet access for a while until I sort out the phone wiring (!), so I’ll try to post from work if i can. If I’m not able to post from work, I’ll keep drawing the monstahs and post any potential backlog once I rejoin the 21st century.

Happy Solstice!


2 thoughts on “Milk is Awesome

  1. Your news has completely scared the wits out of me and I have no idea what you could be feeling…

    Please please go see a doctor and get some great news. It had better just be fatigue.

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