Monstah Monday 159

Robots + Organs + Cat brains = World Domination. Or at least one hell of a nasty litter box…


3 thoughts on “Monstah Monday 159

  1. mark

    i found your “razor, lying on the edge of my easel” thusly:

    i was trying to be glib with a woman i hadn’t heard from in months and when she finally sent me a reap lie after long having given up, i responded with the witlessly imp romp II:

    “I’ve been shaving my shelf for you”

    in an elf fart to ill lust rate Michael Everness, i google’d images for “razor on shelf”
    and that’s when I got YOUR wonderful “razor, lying on the edge of my easel” 4×5 oil on canvas-board which you created in about 20 minutes


    as are your monstahs . . . monstah 159 (as well as 153, 154, 155) all depict GLASS beautifully . . .
    i once saw a friend’s still life watercolor of fruit in a thick clear glass bowl. It was a ‘clarion’ moment recognizing the task of using reflections/diffractions/refractions/diffusions to depict something that in it’s purest state isn’t even visible . . .

    you’re great at what you do . . . just wanted to “pay it forward” with a compliment

    i read your ‘about’ and loved how you engage all your senses in experiencing the process

    key pup dug hoodwork

    posed crypt: speaking of razors, d’juno dat duh ain’t shanty gyp shuns shaved their eyebrows to mourn the deaths of their cats? (that was a security fact embedded in the text of an online traffic school lesson . . . )

    • um… (speechless)

      Than cue wear eee much

      The Egyptian eyebrow bit is new to me. I did read somewhere once that they shaved their body hair to help with B-O… They did live in the pre speed stick era.

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