Esty Purchase No.1

I got home from work today and found a small package in my mailbox. At first I was like, wtf??? Is it art supplies? No.. Oh yeah! It’s the thing I bought on etsy!

A week or so ago I opened an etsy shop, with the idea of selling monstah related stuff. Esty being what it is, I got stuck looking at stuff for a couple of hours afterwards, when I came across Eggbee. At $1 with free shipping (as a thank you for buying Eggbee, she said) it was almost impossible not to buy it.

So here it was. I went to open it and stopped, deciding to take some pictures as I went. Here it is, the envelope just cut open.


$1.75 to ship it to me! I felt a bit bad that it cost more to ship than I paid.


hand written notes and a tiny little drawing of Eggbee! I literally lol-ed. And check out that nice little plastic box!


It just keeps getting better! This is some deluxe packaging!


Woo Eggbee!


Here he is, happily atop his little box. I’m really impressed with the presentation and personalized touches. It was a really fun experience to open him up!

When I bought Eggbee he was the only one available. Since then a lot of Eggbee’s have been added to the shop, ranging in price from $1.25 to $8, So If you want you own Eggbee, check it out! The care taken with the presentation alone makes them worth it.


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