have hammer, will smash

Last week i downloaded all the Walt Stanchfield handouts. To be honest I had never heard of him before readin about these two books that were coming out, collecting all the notes from the classes he taught at disney animation.  A quick web search turned up all the files in pdf format. They’re actually public domain, but I may eventually buy the books anyway. I’ve only read the first few lessons out of 70 so far, and they’re great.

A lot of what he talks about is gesture, which is something my drawings could use more of. I won’t talk much more about it. Well not right now anyway. But if your interested google him and check it out. I wish I had found this stuff years ago.


I drew this guy while thinking about what I’ve read so far and I’m pretty happy with him. He started out as just a fat guy, then I added the apron, and then the hammer. I imagine he’s a blacksmith. Or just a guy with a hammer and an apron.


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