Johnny Revolver

Woo I’m connected again. Everything’s all fixed up. Bell even called to test the line, which is good. They had no record of any appointment for Thursday though. But at least the internet works again.

While I was cut off from the web I went through some old sketchbooks, and came across these thumbnails.


I have no clue when I drew these. Definately more than a year ago, possibly more. I thought it would be fun to develop one further, and so I drew this.


I have no idea what to call it. Wang gun, wangun, Johnny Revolver? The last one is my favorite, and won for the title category. Maybe I can turn it into an ad for Johnson and Sons Firearm Company. I plan to color it.


3 thoughts on “Johnny Revolver

  1. The lighter and the stitch in the thigh reminds me of one of my favorite literary characters, from Vellum and Ink by Hal Duncan. If you haven’t read these novels, you might not appreciate it as much, but I propose you call him Jack Off

  2. ahahahaha!

    just stumbled on this blog – i’m in love with this character, especially his dice!

    i wish i could draw – these are incredible! keep it up x

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