Monstah Monday 130

There is a monster in your closet, behind all those old sweaters. It’s waiting for you.


On a side note, this one makes it 2.5 years of Monstah Mondays and counting.


5 thoughts on “Monstah Monday 130

  1. jesus you should be designing monsters for video games. Looks a little like one of them from half life, the ones that hung from ceilings with tentacles EW.

    You should do a montah coloring book for grown ups.

  2. This monstah is known as a “feeg.” It appears in a story by Robert Sheckley called “Protection.” In the story a man sells his soul to the Devil who says he cannot collect unless the man “lesnerizes,” but the Devil never tells the man what “lesnerizing” is. Turns out that “lesnerizing” is, uh, sneezing. In the story the feegs are what lurks in the closet which is why you have to keep the closet doors closed at all times.

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