Animal Drawings

The other day I was out on my back porch, looking at all the crap I have out there. I Wondered for what could have been the fiftieth time why I have so much stuff, and pondered getting rid of some of it. Scanning the shelf I noticed a book, The Smithsonian Book of North American Mammals. Hmm, I haven’t looked at this in a long time, I thought.

Pulling the book off the shelf, I was strangely excited by the size, as only someone who has a problem with books can be excited. On the cover was a nice photograph of a wolf.

“I should draw this.” I said aloud. My cat just stared at me, annoyed that I had broken the silence. Maybe I’ll draw all the animals in here, I thought. I practice drawing animals and get some use out of a neglected book.

Sitting down on my couch, I turned on the TV and got started. Going in order, I sketched the wolf, then the next animal, and so on. Creating finished art was not the goal, just to draw. and it went pretty well. Over the course of two days I had squeezed in time to draw three and a half pages worth (the first two shown here). This is when I decided to cheat a bit, and just flip through the rest of the book at what cool animals I would be drawing in the next month or so (it’s a 700+ page book).


There’s a couple of nice bear photos, a deer, a few cats, and an astounding amount of rodents. From just this book alone it would make one thing North America is overrun with squirrels, moles, kangaroo rats, and so on. And many of the photos are small, dark night shots. Do I really want to fill a sketchbook or two with these? I have yet to decide. Maybe I should see what other books I have.


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