Figure Drawings

Or life drawings if you prefer. Or nekkid girl drawings. These are from the weekend before last. If you want to see them bigger and non-blurry, give ’em a click.

Some quickies to warm up. That figure on the left is the first drawing of the session, and one of my favorites.


I like this page


she was a bit fidgety and moved quite a bit. Rather than fight it I just redrew


and a long pose.Β  Conveniently on one of those nice continuous paper centerfold spreads


If anyone knows of any place for life drawing In Montreal, let me know. I’d like to compile a list and post it online.

The place I drew these costs $15, which I find kinda pricey, plus I either ave to take the bus down or pay another 6 to 9 bucks for parking. the lighting on the model is pretty flat as well, from below or in front… I miss the old Colin and Mclean days. They had the best sessions… twice a week, a nice cheap $7, great setup, good music, and $3 a beer. The building they were in was full of artists, nice and run down, kinda grungy. Unfortunately it was sold to developers, who have since seemingly gone bankrupt, with plans to make high end condos. It’s been empty for a few years now.


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