Dead Things

More drawing in my little moleskine. I messed up the proportions of the skull on the top page here. Can you notice any signs of frustration? Yesterday there was a bird in our office. They get in from the warehouse sometimes. I found another one that was already dead, and decided to draw him. I used my slicci and some coloured pencils.

dead bird and a skull

I eventually caught the second one around 2 pm, when it literaly just fell on my desk. It was still alive, but it was so weak it could hardly move. We thought the best thing would be to put him outside right away, so I put him in a bush by the front door, but when I checked on him after work he was dead. It was kinda sad, and I decided to put the other dead one under the bush with him.


One thought on “Dead Things

  1. i’m bringing birdseed and a birdbath to your office next week……
    the drawing of the bird is beautiful mark, the eyes and mouth. poor babys. 😦

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