Paintings in Progress

I decided to take stock of the paintings I have going right now. This isn;t all of them, just the ones that I want to finish. For quite a while now I’ve been having trouble getting motivated to paint. While on vacation I felt driven to paint more, after the first week. Even this weekend I had 4 days off and I started the two small painings at the bottom of the pic, on the floor. I only started these Sunday night, and after midday tuesday… well I stopped working on them too. It’s strange…

click for a larger view

Looking over the variety of paintings here is strange too. I’ve always known I’m all over the place with subjects, but this is the first time I’ve taken a group shot. There’s 2 paintings from my head, one of my cat, 2 still life paintings, and a self portrait. To top it off, while they are all oil paintings I’m using different techniques on most of them. *sigh*

edit: just a note on scale, the black one is 24×30 inches.


2 thoughts on “Paintings in Progress

  1. Oh my lord,

    this so reminds me of the way I go about creating my art. Only I do seldom have the patience of doing it all in oil. I am not surprised you have that many unfinished pieces. It takes so long to dry for the oil paint to dry. Then, while you´re waiting you move on to the next piece and they soon start mounting up. But judging by the creations I have seen, you should definately keep finishing them as they look great. And just like you, I also am all over the place with art. But a great many people like that particular fact as it gives more variety to an artist. After all, would it not be boring if it were all the same?

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