A Day in the Park

I went for a nice long bike ride on Canada day (July 1st) and stopped in a park where there was this little casse croute and a nice terrace and water and so on. I got myself 2 hot dogs, and entertained myself for a while feeding bread to some birds. There’ was one of these there. He was brave enough to actually land on my hand and take the bread from my fingers.

I found it cool because I like birds, but it wasn’t too surprising. I’ve twice been attacked by that kind of bird while passing trees. (They like to bounce of the back of your head when your not looking. after the first pass you recognize the sound of their wings as the come in for the hit and you can duck)

Aaaanyway I also drew this. I was going to go back in after the colour and draw a bit more, but the two chain smokers sitting nearby killed my mood and drove me to leave. The ride back home was nice though.

Click for full size view (in a new window)


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