Still life with ballpoint pen

I drew this a few days back. I just grabbed random items and put them on a table. The thing with the face in the back is a bottle opener, the 1up is a metal candy container, then there’s a racoon skull, chapstick and a little rubber lizard. I cropped the page to 7.5×9.5 inches, so the drawing itself is probably about 6 inches. Ballpoint pen on paper.


5 thoughts on “Still life with ballpoint pen

  1. Is that one of those Nintendo-licensed 1up-Mushroom tins with little sour candies in it? I just picked up a couple of those as well.

    Oh yeah, keep up the good work…love when I see new monstahs pop up in my Google Reader!

  2. Yes! It’s the green sour apple flavour. I think. I mean I know it’s green but maybe the flavour is something else, I’m honestly too lazy to walk over and check. Thanks for checking out my monstahs too. I may have to scribble a few out on some post it notes.

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