A scan happy lunch hour

I used my lunch hour at work today to scan some of those sketches I mention earlier. Here’s a couple or three now! Yay!

I drew the knife first, then screwed it up with the other stuff… bah. there’s lots of white left on this page so I may go back and fill it up with more at a later time. Pigma fineliner

This is some stuff at my analog work area at work. There’s some glue, a spray bottle, even a syringe of acetone! (acetone is good for separating your fingers when you glue them together) Pigma fineliner

My sword. its an old 1847 french army sword i bought when I was 18. I drew it to redeem my screwing up the knife in the first image, but the sun went down before I could finish it, and it’s usually a good idea not to leave swords lying on the floor. Pigma fineliner

Ok that’s it for now, thanks for looking. I’ll post some more tomorrow. Time to draw!


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