I’ve been inspired recently by a few artists I’ve found recently to get back to drawing. First I found the blog of Mattias Adolfsson. Amazing cartoony ink drawings with watercolour. I spent a good few hours going through his blog.

From his links I then found France Belleville. She draws seemingly without pause. inks, watercolour, pencils… I went, somewhat mesmerized, all the way back through her blog to the beginning. She seems to have a thing for old European cars which is cool too.

I’ve been checking out links form both sites as well. There’s alot of great stuff to see. It’s really refreshing to see people drawing just for the sake of drawing. It’s something I think I lost a few years ago, when I started using oils paints.

I don’t paint as much as I could, but to be honest I often don’t feel like it after a full days work. This summer I was going to try my hand at plien air painting again (I tried it once last year) but seeing all this great stuff has been making me want to draw more.

I have some drawing already that I would have been posting, but just over two weeks ago I set up a still life. On top on my scanner. I’ve only just been able to gently lift the lid enough to slip in a single sheet of paper to scan the monstahs, there’s no way I can get a sketchbook in there.

It wasn’t the ideal place to set up a still life, but I liked the lighting there. I was going to finish it this weekend but only got about 30 minutes work on it. It’s just not inspiring me and may end up in the unfinished pile.


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