Monstah Monday 70

“Oh no! There’s a crack in my taillight!”


Sadly that’s more than just a caption for this week’s monstah. Saturday afternoon I noticed that the taillight on the passenger side of my car does indeed have a crack in it. Not a hole, thankfully, just a crack for now. Sharp enough to cut my finger too… My first reaction when I saw it was a ‘what the hell?’ followed by several swears and then a sad acceptance.

Of course the back my car looks nothing like the one in the picture (I drive an echo) But I don’t want to be one of those people with coloured duck tape or hot glue holding their car together. Especially since it’s not even 4 years old… but I have a feeling a new taillight is going to cost alot. Eh well I guess I’ll see in may when I bring it in for service.


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