The food that I eat – Day 30

For 30 days and nights I have drawn everything I’ve eaten, and now my little sketchbook is full: The project is at an end. It’s been interesting; I’ve gained an insight into my diet that I didn’t have before. I eat alot of cookies, drink alot of milk (this I knew), and don’t cook very often. I wonder if I’m the only one, and doubt that I am.

It’s been fun, and I may consider doing it again next year. It would be cool to compare and see what, if any, changes take place. In the mean time, I will be thinking of another project like this that will force me to draw every day, preferably from life.




5 thoughts on “The food that I eat – Day 30

  1. Those biscuits with the scalloped edges–are they President’s Choice “Concerto” cookies–the ones with the musical instruments stamped in the chocolate?

    I think I like your idea of a once per year experiment with drawing food. Special projects–something new without being a tedious, regimented daily exercise for an entire year–sounds good.

  2. They’re Leclerc Celebration cookies with dark chocolate. They have a castle in the chocolate, but its possible they’re made at the same factory. I find the biscuit part a but too crunchy…

  3. It’s likely the same factory as I am in Ontario.

    John Jude Palencar — my favourite book cover artist. I have a book of short stories by Connie Willis called Fire Watch with a cover of his that I love, and an ultra creepy one for a collection of H.P. Lovecraft stories. I used to belong to a Sci-Fi reading list and that’s how I got introduced to him–kept getting these fab-o book covers and wondered who the great artist was and it was Palencar.

    Are you familiar with Daryl Hutchinson’s work? He is probably most known as the artist who illustrated the H.P. Lovecraft Tarot. He reminds me a bit of Palencar, and does lovely pen and ink work. I see you have some Monstah pictures related to Cthulhu so you might know of Daryl’s renditions of Cthulhu.

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