The food that I eat – Day 28

4 full weeks. The bookmark ribbon makes another guest appearance in todays scan. It shows up when I forget to, well, make sure it doesn’t. If the book is straight in the scanner and nothing is too obscured I leave it. Actually I kind of like it. This time it has the added bonus of dividing the stuff from the yesterday and today.



2 thoughts on “The food that I eat – Day 28

  1. i followed your daily eating escapades for 4 weeks now and not once did i see a salad!! (but i did see a lot of cookies and about half a gallon of milk a day ^^)
    i actually liked the drawings when you used black charcoal (??), but otherwise, i really like the idea!! i wanted to try out fotographing my food on a daily basis sortof as a good practice for picture skills, but forgot already after breakfast. well maybe i’ll try another time.
    keep up the good work!!

  2. Yeah I’m a bit short on the leafy greens and tomatoes… They make appearances in sandwiches and hamburgers. A half gallon of milk per day is actually pretty accurate. A gallon is 3.6 liters, and I average 14 liters a week šŸ˜€

    If you want to do a project like this with a camera I suggest getting a small one that fits in a pocket, so you can always have it with you.

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