The food that I eat – Day 26

Today I sort of cooked. I took out some knackwurst and put them in the oven. But I Drew them before, along with some tasty veggies. I should have thought of doing it that way before. Or maybe I did but discounted the idea… Anyway it was nice to eat a hot meal for a change. Delicious in fact.




2 thoughts on “The food that I eat – Day 26

  1. You draw terrific ellipses! The last time I tried to draw a cup it looked like a strange blob from another galaxy.

    I’ve seen people on drawing forums draw meals and go out on restaurant outings together to draw food, but for some reason it never appealed to me. I find your sketchbook inspiring though, and I just redid a bunch of my sketchbook covers so might give it a try.

  2. thanks. Actually some of the ellipses are better than others. After drawing the same glass or bowl a few dozen times can make a person lazy, or rushed (especially if they’re hungry).

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