The food that I eat – Day 25

Wierdness. I was just about to post this, when my screen went white(?) and then the page reloaded and I lost everything. luckily the preview was still open so I could just copy and paste most of it…

I got to the caf a bit late today, and estimated a wait time to get food at probably about 15 minutes, which is about 14 minutes more than I was willing to wait, so I just grabbed a big oatmeal cookie and some chocolate milk.



4 thoughts on “The food that I eat – Day 25

  1. do you like peanut butter cookies? if i have time i will bake some this weekend and bring you some. i’m thinking of adding reeses pieces to the mix, i’ll have to see if that works. i should make you some shortbread, i have these great animal shaped cookie cutters, which would be fun to draw maybe.

  2. Actually, I was going to suggest that you were overloading on bananas. Hey, potassium is a great thing but. . .

    Who knew people would bug you about the food you eat? The last frontier of privacy has been ripped away. Kinda like a banana peel.

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