Nintendo ds sketchbook

Friday I found out about a digital painting program for the nintendo ds. It’s a homebrew program called Colors. I didn’t even know what a homebrew program was, but this one looks amazing. It apparently takes advantage of the pressure sensitivity of the ds screen. It basically can turn a ds into a portable digital color sketchbook. You can even email yourself your images using wifi.

  • Colors homepage
  • Colors Gallery
  • and an excellent run through of how to set up colors on your ds
  • <rant>
    I went out to buy a ds that night, but couldn’t find one anywhere (Apparently they are extremely popular). Saturday morning I checked online before going to the kwoon to see if there were any at the local stores. A futureshop between my house and the club had some blue ones, so i decided to leave early and pick one up. When I got there I got a major run around.

    The first guy told me they had them but couldn’t sell them until Sunday. Since the website didn’t say anything about that, and i had already driven there, i went to see a manager. He said he would sell me one. He went to ‘the back’, and came back a few minutes later telling me they only had pink. I was suspicious, so said thanks and went to look at the computers, which happen to have internet access.

    A quick check of the website showed again they had the blue ones. So I asked a salesman in that department to check. he went into the system, and confirmed that they did have them, but they may not have been unpacked. So I went back to the manager and told him what I had learned. This is where it started getting unpleasant. The manager started to get upset, seemingly on the verge of a freak out.

    He started telling me to calm down, even though I was just standing there, not even speaking. Just then the first guy I spoke to walked inside from having a smoke. I stopped him and told the manager this was the first guy I spoke too. Now the stories got messy.

    The sales guy confirmed again that they were in stock, but told the manager that they couldn’t be sold till the next day. The manager said they could be sold now. Then he said they weren’t in stock, but if i cam back at 10am the next day, when they opened, they would be there. (As if they’re gonna get a delivery on Saturday?)

    Since they were supposed to be in Sunday, even though the website and inventory said they were in stock, and I had already driven to the store, I asked to reserve one. Again, I was told to calm down, and that he was doing all he could for me, blah blah blah. That fact was I was still calm, but I had backed these two into a corner with their own words, and they could see a way out.

    The manager then left, and the sales guy told me again to come back tomorrow. I told him no, I wasn’t going to come back, and turned to leave. As I was walking out the second set of doors (or first if you were coming in) I heard the sales guy say something to me. So I went right back in, caught up to him, and told him I couldn’t make out what he said (which was true). He denied having said anything however, so I left.

    I ended up across the street at the mall, where the Zellers had 8 blue ds lites in the cabinet, and the staff were very nice and more than willing to sell me one.


    So there it is. Now I need to get a special card to load homebrew games, and I’ll have myself a digital sketchbook! Once I have it all set up and running I’ll post a few images, probably after I finish drawing my food.


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