The food that I eat – Day 8

While I keep talking about (and hoping to) fill up my book as quickly as possible, I also keep cramming in sketches where they don’t quite fit, to use up as much of the page as possible. Oh well.

I was a bit rushed for the jelly beans drawings, so i just outlined them. I’ll have to do some contour drawings before the book is full.


2 thoughts on “The food that I eat – Day 8

  1. You are obviously a tidy eater…where are the crumbs, the left overs or the trash? Perhaps I am just a messy eater or you are more vain and do not want strangers like myself seeing the signs of life. OR perhaps since you are such a light eater, you probably consume every little crumb cause you are the starving artist! I like the banana on 2 pages… nice touch.

  2. hey. my name is nikki. i reaaaalllllllly loove your art. its so amazing.
    i wanted to ask, if i could print them out and paint them. i have this new painting thing but im a horriable artist… just like the colorful thinggg. and whatnot. please get back at me. my email is, or on aim xregretablelovex ty

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