The food that I eat – Day 8

There seems to be some concern that I don’t eat enough. While It’s true that I probably have been eating a bit less than normal because of this project, I’d like to point out that I drink a lot of milk. Milk is full of good stuff. It’s got your protein, minerals, carbs… and of course calcium.

Thanks for the awesome cookies Donna!




5 thoughts on “The food that I eat – Day 8

  1. OK trollboy, I see yougurt, a sandwich!! I realize milk is a superb food source for babies but you seem to be a grown man (beer bottle is the give away). At least it is not fast food BIG MACs and Fries and coke. It was not my intention to be critical I am just inquisitive. LOL what I eat in one day would fill YOUR whole sketch book.:)

  2. This could be a brilliant diet plan. Make everyone first draw what they were going to eat. This would make people very aware of all that goes down the pipe. Nice drawings.

  3. Deb: Milk is for everyone!
    wrjones: Thanks. I agree, this could work as a diet plan. maybe I should write a book!
    d: Do you eat your vomit? I draw all these in pen so I just have to keep it down at all costs.

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