The food that I eat – Day 5

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One thought on “The food that I eat – Day 5

  1. mark, i am loving this food that i eat thing! its brilliant! if i have time this weekend i am going to bake cookies and bring some for you. maybe my cookies will be on the www. I’m amazed at how little you drink booze! What about that jaggermeister you mentioned? (i don’t know how to spell that) and how little you cook! Don’t you ever cook anything besides toast? i wish i could draw, although drawing spaghetti and glasses of wine over and over again would get boring i guess. Does gum count? Is it something you have to swallow? If you chipped a tooth and swallowed it would that be in your book? I’d love to see how you’d draw spaghetti, although you don’t like tomatoes i think so you never eat spaghetti i suppose. maybe your next book could be the things that i hate. that would be fun.

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