The food that I eat – Day 1

At some point this morning, between waking up and eating breakfast, I thought about drawing my breakfast before I eat it. Then I thought it might be cool to draw everything I eat in a day, or a month. So before I ate my breakfast, I sketched it really quickly. I like my toast warm.

I remembered after breakfast that I had a new small sized moleskine and I could use that, strictly for the purpose of drawing what I eat. So I tossed it in my bag and went to work. Drew everything there, even skipped my afternoon snack because I didn’t have time draw it. Got home, pasted the morning image in the new book.

So here’s page one. I’ll consider each double page spread 1 page, and upload any full ones at the end of the day, until the book is filled. I’m guessing that should be by the end of February at the latest. It’ll be good practice, and I’ll have a tiny book filled with little still life sketches of food, and you’ll know more than you want to about my eating habits.



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