oil paints, more than just carcinogenic

I’ve been in a kinda bad mood lately. There are probably alot of reasons for that, some real some imagined. One of them was probably the fact that I hadn’t painted in well over a month. Last night i decided to do some work on a still life that I started in the spring (!). I set up my paints thinking maybe i’d paint for an hour at most. I wasnt so into it. but once i started, woo! I painted for over 4 hours, ended up going to bed late, and was in a better mood today than I have been all week! Maybe cadmium has some sort of unknown narcotic effect.


One thought on “oil paints, more than just carcinogenic

  1. I commend you for your Monstah Mondays…it takes real commitment to stick with something like that. Now, ’bout the paints. I haven’t pulled mine out in…well…lets just say its been more than a month… I loved the way you described the feeling painting leaves you with. Thanks for the reminder!!

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