Monstah Monday 52!


One year of monstah mondays! I’m happy that I kept it up for a full year. When I started posting them i wondered how long I would do it for. Would it last a month? 2 months? maybe 3? With one year in the bag, a second year should be a piece of cake! Mmm cake.

I’d like to thank everyone who’s been looking and those who leave comments. Traffic has gone up slowly here, and while its still nowhere near server straining volume, knowing people are actually looking helps motivate me to keep going. And where am I going? Wait, are we still talking about monstahs? Hmm…


7 thoughts on “Monstah Monday 52!

  1. Ryan: thanks, i wanted him to be really toothy.
    Kin: Post a link to your stuff, I’d like to see! Actually I try to keep the drawings simple, otherwise I can get carried away with details.

  2. nice dude, this one is socially critical. sort of. with the three hats? royal (political), spiked (military) and paper (media/entertainment)? dont know if i overinterpreted this one but that rilogy really IS a monster!!

  3. lol k thiss gona sound kinda stupid… err how do i get my pictures up onto the comp i dont got scanner… not to great with computers lol

  4. well ill get on that i got schooling and sh..tuff but yea i did a remake of one of ur picture it was inspiring me it also got me able to do more details in arms and bodys

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