Kuksi and Tyukanov

I was checking out some design blogs this morning before work, and I found these two artists.

Kris Kuksi seems to works in acrylic and assemblage/sculpture. His paintings are great, but if you only have time for a quick look, I suggest you go straight to the section entitled ‘the grotesque’. Thats where the assemblage work is, and its mind blowing. The site is pretty slow for me, but if you have multiple tabs going its no biggie, and the images are worth the wait.

Sergey Tyukanov is a surrealist. He works in various media, from paint to watercolours to etchings… His paintings remind me of Bosch in a way – who in my opinion was the first surrealist. I mean, you’ve seen the garden of earthly delights, right? Anyway Sergey here has some sickly detailed paintings, with stuff happening all over the canvas. I forewarn you though, the site has some weird techno jazz music, so you may want to turn down the volume.


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