Cthulu’s Pet Bird

That title came to me as I was taking a picture of my new painting. I finished this Wednesday.

Acrylic on canvas, 14 x 18 inches

For those in the know, you may recognize him from Monstah Monday 30.

I really enjoyed painting this one, and am getting happier all the time that i switched back to acrylics. For the size, well… The larger the painting is, The longer it takes to finish, of course. And the longer it takes to finish the harder it can be to stay motivated until the end. With that said, the next painting I want to do will actually be even bigger. Probably around 18×24… I have to start sketching it out, and see how larger it needs to be.

I tried using the new wordpress tag feature for this post. Well, actually I just copied and pasted all the categories into the tag field. I wonder if that was how they intended it to be used… anyway.

I hope you like the painting. Your comments are always welcome and appreciated.


6 thoughts on “Cthulu’s Pet Bird

  1. hey!
    i enjoy looking through Your blog. You have realy nice stuff here.
    i love diet pepsi painting, just great.

    and about cthulu’s pet, it’s not well balanced on the branch. i think it would fall back if there was gravity ;p

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