What else rocks, beside Teen Titans? My new website! Woo!

Behold the glory that is!

Ok well as it stands now it’s just a splash page… which of course can;t hold a candle to the teen titans, even if the show has ended. But It’s there, and will soon be the home of all things monstah!

A side note about the image on that page. That is a rework of the first monstah i drew, way back in 1998, for a school project. We had to design personal letterhead and business cards, And that was what I drew for mine. (I called him a mutant chicken). I’ll always remember my teachers reponse… basically he said he liked it, thought it was cool and he would definitely show it to people, but would probably be scared to call me, and i should consider changing it when I actually make real cards. Haha. Probably good advice.

I still like it 😀


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