Just because…


This was an interesting weekend. I woke up saturday feeling kinda off. Not quite sick but not quite right, if you know what I mean. Then saturday evening I tossed my sweater in the washing machine with my cell phone still in the pocket. I had said to myself earlier, ‘remember to take my phone out before I wash my hoodie.’

Even after I put them in the washing machine, along with another sweater, I stood there, watching the drum fill up with cold water. It’s the first time I’ve ever really done that. I usually just close the lid and walk away. But I stood there and watched, as if there was something I was missing. I even decided to leave the lid open and let it fill, and went to wash the dishes. Then I remembered my phone. Too late.

The tub had filled just enough to completely submerge the phone. I pulled it out of the pocket and saw the green light on the top, the green light that is only supposed to come on when the phone is charging, and new right away it was screwed. Or I was. I didn’t waste time trying any buttons, I just pulled off the battery. After googling what to do, It seems this was the right first step.

After shaking and dabbing out as much water as i could, I trying to take it apart. It’s more than a year old so the warranty’s over anyway. Even with all the screws out it refused to come apart. Glue. They had used glue. Rather than risk cracking it, I let it sit on top of the dryer as the sweaters, now having gone through a complete cycle in the washing machine, dried. The result was instead of having pools of water under the glass, I now had fog.

We have a little vacuum chamber in the model shop at work. Tomorrow I’ll try sticking it there for a few seconds and see what happens. I’m hoping it’ll suck out some moisture, and leave all the solid bits where they should be. If that doesn’t work I’ll just keep putting in various warm locations for a week and hope for the best. I really don’t feel like spending 300$ for a new phone.

Today I went to a life drawing thing called dr sketchy montreal. It was at a bar… the seating wasn’t very good, and the lighting. The model was good, and it was the first time they the organisers tried this, so I’m sure it will get better. If I add up the 10$ for the session, plus $6 parking, plus $5 lunch, plus $6 for a beer (hey its a bar, i had to have one) It was 27$ for 2 hours and 30 minutes of life drawing. Add gas and it’s 30$. That’s too expensive (imo)… I definitely want to find another place, with free parking ideally, as I need to practice my life drawing more.

So… I drew some cartoon ninjas.


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