There’s a new link on my side bar.

I was using the tag surfer here at wordpress the other day, when I saw a link to a surreal artist named Jacek Yerka. I checked it out quickly but I had some work to do, so bookmarked it for later. Later came and I went back, and I’ve been through the whole site a couple of times already now. The artwork is absolutely amazing.

This image is one of my favorites, and now graces my desktop. (click to go to a bigger version.
Lesson of walking
The details, the colours, textures… I love everything about it. A clock beasty guarding all the little clocks… those trees… I see it and it makes me want to paint so bad i can hardly sit still.

Of course I don’t want to paint like him. I want to paint like me. But I find his work very inspiring and imaginative. The detail he puts into all his pieces astounds me. I want to paint. I can believe I’ve never seen his work before. There’s a book on his site for sale, which I’m considering… I’ll have to think more about that though. But If you like surrealism, and if you haven’t seen his stuff before, it’s worth a look.

(Thanks to the person who posted about him a few days ago. If you think its you and your reading this, I’m sorry I forgot who you were, or i would have posted a link to for credit.)

Check out his site here: Jacek Yerka


4 thoughts on “surreal-awesome-ism!

  1. I adore this style. Salvador Dali used to work in surrealism. he was the one who started it. You would like his works too.

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