Monstah #29, Revisitated!

A few weeks ago I posted this guy here for Monstah Monday 29.


I now present you with a painted version! Behold!!!


A whopping 11 wide by and astounding 14 inches tall!
Fully painted with ye ancient acrylic paint technology on ye old school canvas.


9 thoughts on “Monstah #29, Revisitated!

  1. I just got into the drawing thing and I am learning every day. I found this drawing but no painted. I went through your blog and I saw it painted. Oooooooh My gosh. This is an awesome work. Well done. wonderful. Excellent. Keep doing it.

  2. Wow. I gotta say. That is pimpin. Lol. Can you write? You should write a book about these creatures. Like, they were created by a mad scientist (that would be you), like, hundreds of years ago, and they survive, and people mistook them as trolls and faeries or something. I WOULD TOTALLY BUY IT! lol. Maybe not. but i like ’em.

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