Random Blatherings

Posting a new Monstah every Monday has been an interesting project for me. There are many times when i simply don’t feel like drawing a Monstah, but I do it anyway. I want to be consistent. At the same time, sometimes I’ve had to stop painting, even when I’ve been in the mood for it, in order to draw a Monstah. Then again I bet if i canceled cable and stopped watching TV I’d probably have no issues drawing or painting a lot more. I want to do more of that too.

Earlier in the week I came across this site, I forget where it was linked from, but wanted to share it. It’s like a blog of modern art, and although that’s not something I’ve liked historically, I really can appreciate some of the creativity and effort put into a lot of the works. I found it to be a very inspirational site and suggest you take a look.

And then there’s this other site, that I found over at core77. It’s a great spoof on iThings. I thought it was kinda funny.


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