Too Many Spam Comments!

Forum and comment spammers should be hunted down and beaten with large, blunt objects, and all their fingers broken and mangled beyond hope of ever being functional again. Okay, maybe that last part is over doing it.

Too many spam comments have been getting through lately. I hardly get real comments as it is, and have no desire to spend time deleting ads for barely legal used cars, so I changed the comment option to require every comment be approved by me first.


One thought on “Too Many Spam Comments!

  1. I’m a real comment, though you cannot touch me, I am not selling enlargers of lower horns, anti-crazy pills and I don’t want you to transfer me money, cause I am not the only heir of the King of Narabuubuu. Spammers should be locked away, fed only the canned meat known as spam and forced to edit dictionaries written by people with dyslexia.


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