Bird with Goggles. A new painting

It been a while since I’ve posted a painting. Lately I’ve been drawing more, or just doodling away in my moleskine. Last night though, after probably three or four months (whoa!) I finished a Painting. I started it last week and worked on in off and on since. Its a Monstah painting, and as such is largely about the idea… I just want to show clearly what it is. I chose to stop before i start painting out all the brush strokes and over working it, and keep it fresh and a bit loose. Thats the idea anyway. Anywho here it is:

Oil on canvas, 16×24 inches


Originally I was thought i could just post it monday for monstah monday, but decided to do it now. In the future I may save them for mondays, we’ll just have to see.

I enjoyed working on this one, and may be starting another today.


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