Wizard Sketches

I really need to start drawing more people and all that, so I gave my self a little side project during March to draw some wizard characters. At first i told myself i would do 20, but by the middle of the month had only done 2, and now that the month is over, i have 5. well, 4 and a half really.

Normally when i draw, aside form the monstahs, I’ll erase and change things im unhappy with. but with this excersize I tried to just keep going for the most part with each one. This way I hoped to be able to get out more ideas, which could later be mixed and matched to make a better design.

With only 4 and a half done, there’s still alot of work to do before I get one im happy with. Here’s a quick self-crit on each one:

  1. The first guy there, well he looks more like some rich annoying guy with a fancy stick. I don’t like the face, and his legs are too short.
  2. Number two is more wizardy I think. His arms look a bit short, and his head is perhaps too large. I kinda like his robes, but I need to study some wrinkles and stuff.
  3. Third one looks more like some kinda priest. There’s no real association between his goofy hat and shoulder pads and the rest of his outfit. His sleeves remind me of that bendy wire and plastic tubing you connect to the back of the clothes dryer to vent it.
  4. The crazy looking fourth one is my favorite. He seems less a wizard than an inept, abused sidekick, but he’s very happy with his spiky ball.
  5. As for the fifth one, since i was too lazy to finish him, I’ll be too lazy to comment on him.

And there you have it. With all the things that demand attention in day to day life, sometimes the side projects don’t get all the attention they deserve. I fell well short of 20 wizards, but I’m ok with that. I drew 4.5 more wizards than i would have otherwise.


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