Robot Dreams

I’ve been getting into rendering lately, trying to polish up the old skills. Here’s a new drawing I just finished. I call it Robot Dreams. it’s 7×7 inches, graphite on board.

Robot Dreams

The last 4 pack of boards i bought were a bit on the yellow side unfortunately. It’s most noticable when seen against a bright white bg, like on this page. With a nice black matte it should look just dandy.

I’m having alot of fun with shading. Its been a long time since I’ve really done much of it, and I’ll be doing alot more of it for the near future. I plan to start doing some still lives solely in pencil, maybe even start doing real studies of subject matter before a painting. I’m believer in the good painting is based on good drawing thing. There’s probably a better description for it, but rather than spend time looking it up I’m gonna go draw something else. Thanks for looking!


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