Warhammer Concept Art

For those of you not familiar with it, Warhammer is made by games-workshop, and is primarily a table top strategy game. Its like the dungeons and dragons world, with the intensity and coolness dials turned all the way to the right, broken off, thrown to the ground and stomped on, doused with gasoline, and set on fire.

The first time I saw a Warhammer figure was in high school. Someone else in my art class had brought one in, and i thought it was one of the coolest little statues ever. I started buying and collecting them, painting them, making scenery, etc. But as much as i loved the figs and the story and world around them, I could never get into the game. To many rules, and to slow a pace. I just liked the art side.

There have been games in the past, but until dawn of war, based on warhammer 40k, which is a future version of warhammer, none were very good. hell i don;t actually know if that game was good, I never played it. but the reviews were ok.

Then they upped the level again, at least in my opinion, when I saw the trailer for Warhammer: Mark of Chaos. I haven’t played that game either, but after watching the trailer I just want to see a 2 hour animated movie. I highly recommend you watch it, it absolutely amazing.

And now there is another game on the way, Warhammer Online. Its basically a World of Warcraft style game, from what I can tell. But with all the deep story lines and history of the warhammer world, it could be much much better (unless of course the video game makers really botch it).

Still, I probably won’t play the game. I don’t really have a lot of free time for that kind of thing. But I would like a nice book of the concept art this whole haranguing post is about. Concept art that you can see here.

Most of the pieces are unsigned unfortunately, but i would really like to know the names of the artists. It amazes me that they call some of the artwork concepts, as opposed to illustrations. They’re just so… nice. I strongly recommend a look see.


One thought on “Warhammer Concept Art

  1. WOW! O_O
    thanks for the links. i especially like that the concept art is in higher resolution than what we normally get to see – Gotta save them to my inspiration folder! 😛

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