I Got a New Book

One of the stores we visited in NY was Forbidden Planet. It’s a pretty cool store, with a large selection of comics, manga, toys, and art books, many of which you’ll rarely see in other stores. I saw this book, and had to buy it. It’s a collection of works by one of my favorite contemporary artists, John Jude Palencar. I first saw a couple of his paintings years ago in a copy of Spectrum.

I’ve also recently added a link to the website of another artist i like, Wayne Barlowe. Like Palencar, he also works in acrylics. I first saw his work one day when i was browsing the Indigo store downtown, and came upon this book. I bought it that day. For years I’ve had this book as well, but only when I was looking at his website a few days ago did i find out its by the same guy. I’m slow sometimes i guess, as the name should have given it away πŸ˜•.

I also plan to get this book, and this book. I was also surprised to find out while looking at his site that he worked on the Hellboy movie. It’s up there on my list of movies, and i may also get meself a copy of this book. And hellboy stuff could lead me to add many more links to consumer products, but I’ll leave that for another time.

The short story is these are two artists I really like, and I wanted to share.


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