My 2007 NY Toy Fair Experience

I went to NY last week for toyfair. I got pulled over on the NJ turnpike, Just 20 minutes away from the hotel on the way down. The guy said i was following to close to the guy in front, but that was just a lame excuse to pull over a car from Quebec with 4 guys in it. Getting out of the car on a bridge with cars going by at 70mph was kinda freaky, as was the very apparent shaking of the bridge, only noticeable when your stopped.

It was the first time i’ve ever been pulled over. At first when i saw the lights i wasn’t sure it was for me, that maybe he got a call and was just going to race off. I asked my friends if it was for me and they all said it could be, so i pulled over. I was asked to step out of the vehicle, and then questioned about all the usual stuff. Where i was going and why, where I’m from, etc. Then he went over to our car and questioned everyone else. It was like an episode of cops.

He gave me a written warning, which i’ll post at some point (I forgot it at work Friday). I didn’t argue at all, but anyone whose ever driven with me knows i generally don’t tailgate, and the 3 other guys in the car couldn’t believe it either when i showed it to them. But He was just doing his job, so that’s ok with me. It was an interesting experience.

Over all the trip was a good one. We spent one day at Toyfair and another walking around NYC. Toyfair is pretty huge, but as for new and innovative stuff, I can’t say there was all that much. A lot of very pretty girls trying to get your attention, eager to talk to you, wanting to show you something… If only everyday life were like that!

The store hopping was probably at least as much if not more fun, even with the several inches of accumulated hail making being outside in the city a pretty miserable experience. Wet shoes, pants, faces pelted by tiny ice pellets… oh joy.

Bad weather aside, you really can find just about anything in NYC. From comic shops, toy shops, designer furniture, to real human skeletons. Going from store to store seeing so many different things was pretty inspiring. I’d like to go back during the summer.

To me, though, the best part of any trip is getting home.


One thought on “My 2007 NY Toy Fair Experience

  1. Always trouble on the Palisades!
    I also checked out some of those fairs… and your right, innovation definitely diminishes. Or maybe in this age of technology, we expect too much.
    Nice to dream of life filled with eager, pretty girls… but really, if such an opportunity presented itself in real everyday life, would we know how to handle it?
    Good luck next trip. Stay I-87 all the way this time!

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