Miniature acrylic painting

This one started as a watercolour, and was going really well at first… Then it went bad. I was close to finished when i decided to try applying a wash over the whole piece. Turns out that’s not a great idea with watercolours… it washed away most the colour and a lot of the pencil work. But I knew it was a risk before and decided to try it anyway, so it’s all good.

So I had the choice of scrapping it or redoing it in acrylics. As i liked the drawing before washing it away, i chose the latter . Acrylics on board, 4×6 inches.


I need to start working on titles for my paintings, as a well as blogs posts…


3 thoughts on “Miniature acrylic painting

  1. Washes can be a bitch – but it looks really good, those eyes are outstanding! Looks like Baron Von Underbite’s weird cousin.
    Im gonna come back here, I think… youve got some cool stuff going on here!

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