Another small watercolour

Well, I got about 90 minutes work in on that still life this weekend. I have all the paint still out and waiting… maybe I’ll do a little bit more tonight. I kinda feel like drawing though so who knows. I think I may be still life-d out right now.

I threw some colour on this sketch today. It’s 5×7 inches.


It could use more colour (and value) contrast. I could push these little things farther with acrylics but i like the way watercolours leave brushes un-destroyed. I bought a basic starter set of gouache a while ago, maybe I’ll get some more colours and try that out for a while. Eventually. One day.


2 thoughts on “Another small watercolour

  1. wow, that’s interesting. Your sketch looks alive- rings a bell on what I see around and that’s interesting. Water color associates with some purity but the hero of the sketch deals with machinery. In other words I see the deep symbolism there and the challenging contrasts.
    Thus I would greatly appreciate your visit to my blog. It would be very fine to hear your opinion on mine works.
    Nothing happens in solitude, thus let have a fellowship.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment here Tomas. I’m very slow usually to speak my mind on other peoples work… I fully admit to being a procrastinator. But I have checked your blog and will keep doing so!

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