Miniature watercolour sketches

As my winter hibernation mode gets out of control, I often spend alot more time drawing and painting. It’s not all bad… I finished two more miniature watercolours last night. The first one I actually drew in December, and last night added the colour, and then did the second one. I enjoy doing these little ones. They let me get an idea out and move on. These are 2×3 inches.


I also have another 5×7 in progress, as well as a large 15×20. For that one I’m taking my time, and have yet to decide whether i will paint it with water colours or acrylics. Or maybe general mixed media.

Also in progress is a still life. If i can start back in on it, and stay motivated, it’ll be done this weekend.

My sculpture that i posted a while ago is still pretty much as it was then. I re-sculpted one of the arms almost completely and found the thought if repeating the work on the other side to be, uh, well boring i guess. I still want to finish it tho, but i think i may go more asymmetrical on my next sculpt.

I came within a hypothetical inch of buying a basic silkscreen starter kit last weekend, then decided to research the process more thoroughly before i do. Once its warm again I’d like to make a t-shirt or two, but unless I make several of each and sell them to cover the cost of the screen, maybe hand-painting/stencils are the way to go.

Well that’s enough mental diarrhea for today.


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