Unmotivation, or distraction?

I had a plan last week to finish one more oil painting before the new year kicked in. I set up the still life, and got going. I made some good progress, but my motivation wore off and, well, its the new year, and the painting isn’t finished. Its at times like this that i really admire the tenacity of certain people. Yesterday I checked out some websites to get inspired, and actually got a couple of hours in, but its still got a ways to go yet.

I have been doing some other art stuff, however. I finished two more of the tiny watercolours, and have another half done. I’ve also worked a bit on my sculpture, drawn a couple of monstahs, and just filled a page or two in one of my sketchbooks. So its probably more of an A.D.D thing than lack of motivation or distraction. It could also be an exhaustion thing. I need to catch up on some sleep.

Still, those are just excuses if I ever truly want to make anything come from my artwork.

Blah blah.

I was thing today, deaf people must really enjoy the Internet, chat programs, and text messaging. For most people, its all fun, easy and convenient. But for deaf people these are really useful tools. It must all must make life so much easier for them. Hmm.

I have a bit of a cold so I don’t want to go train and infect others, so maybe tomorrow night (if I do stay home) I’ll post those watercolours.


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